MixMag February 2009

This month’s MixMag came with a particularly sweet CD mixed by Pete Tong. I wasn’t too excited by this but when I stuck it on my laptop I was more than pleasantly surprised. It’s 66 minutes of Techno brilliance and exactly what I’m into at the moment. As much as I like Dubstep and Electro, it’s a shame that Techno and Minimal are quite hard to find in clubs along the south coast.

Last weekend I took a trip up to Glasgow to see a couple of my mates, one being a huge Techno-head and he kept telling about this place he loves called Sub Club. So on the Saturday we headed to Sub Club and I had high expectations. I certainly wasn’t let down, it was a small, underground, initimate club, which is not unlike a lot of the clubs in Brighton, and was pumping Techno for the entire set. It was AWESOME. When I got back to Brighton I went straight to Audio with my housemates and it was back to Dubstep and DnB. I enjoyed the Dubstep set a lot but was bored by the time the DnB started so we left. All Brighton needs is some Techno and Minimal! Do not be surprised if this blog has a stronger emphasis on Techno, as I end up having to search the interent for my Minimal fix.

Get your copy before the end of the month.

Get your copy before the end of the month.

Another interesting article in this month’s MixMag was about a relatively new piece of gear called the Monome. What interested me so much about this articile is it answered a question that had puzzled me for a while. Last September or October, I went to see a Ninja Tune night in Concorde 2. The last guy to come on was called Daedelus and I had never heard of him before. So he comes on stage in a formal suit, and starts his set with only a laptop and some crazy wooden box with a grid of flashing buttons. The set was awesome and I’ve been a fan of his since. I had no clue what the crazy flashing box was until I saw it in this article. And apparently all a Monome is is a grid of LED-lit buttons which can be assigned with any task you want to perform, but are especially effective for looping. It’s aim is to make electronic music more interesting to perform live, like an electronic prop. There are loads of videos of geeks using it just to make cool light patterns with no sound at all!



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