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Harmonic 313 – When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence

March 3, 2009

Mark Pritchard is known for his ambient releases as one half of Global Communications. However, on this album released by Warp the influences can be clearly heard as the bass heavy hip hop and techno genres. The bass on the album is pounding but it remains challenging and lovers of IDM should enjoy most of the tracks. The vast range of genres span from hip hop on ‘Battlestar’ featuring rappers Phat Kat and Elzhi, to techno on ‘Flaash’, to Dubstep on ‘Dirtbox’ and Mark hasn’t forgotten his roots in the ambient inspired ‘Koln’. It sounds like a MacBook’s attempt at hip hop production and, personally, I think it’s great. Have a listen to the track ‘No Way Out’ below.


You should also check out, one of the more interesting websites I’ve seen in a while. The website involves a fun word game to the soundtrack of the When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence album’s ‘Word Problems’. Beat level 5 and get a free unreleased mp3!